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Optegy Energy Services

Corporate Social Responsibility

For many of our clients Sustainability goals form a key part of their CSR programs. And in particular Sustainability goals in the area of Environment, Energy and Climate.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions
Energy efficiency plays a vital role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Optegy can assist by:

Calculate your rate of carbon dioxide emissions
Develop and implement an achievable energy efficiency program.

Measuring & reporting
Credible data is a critical part of reporting CSR action back to stakeholders. Optegy can:

Provide ongoing validated data measuring efficiency gains that can be formulated back into the CSR reporting process
Benchmark your performance against a selected target group
Evaluate your performance against green building rating schemes, and develop an improvement program.

Embracing green technologies
Many new technologies and renewable opportunities are coming on to the market. As a product independent business Optegy is able to work with you to identify the opportunities that best meet your CSR and business needs.

Assess, advise on, and implement new energy efficient technologies
Develop showcase Clean Energy projects in areas that are of particular concern to your stakeholders
Advise on feasibility of using renewable energy sources.

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