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Undertaking an Energy Management Program and subsequently developing energy reduction initiatives is desirable from both an economical and environmental perspective.

The outcomes developed under an Energy Management Program provide your facility with a solid platform to reduce energy consumption, cut operating costs, and therefore give a direct benefit on the bottom line. An added benefit to undertaking an Optegy Energy Management Program is the quantification of the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions which result from the energy savings achieved.

The business case for “demand-side management” of energy is truly triple bottom line-driven, with each of the three elements — the financial, environmental and social effects — playing equally important parts.

Carbon footprint reduction
Increasingly businesses are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.

We can assist in three ways. We can quantify the carbon footprint of your energy usage, determine mitigation strategies, then work with you to prioritise those that are most cost-effective. To validate your reductions we use a process called “Measurement & Verification” (or "M & V") to do the analysis, and then calculate the resulting annual CO2 emission reductions.

Compliance with green rating schemes
Internationally pressure is growing on building owners to have their facilities perform well when measured against green building rating schemes. Optegy can help turn your building into a top performer that is environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective to operate.

Green alternatives
An increasing array of "green" products and building equipment are coming on to the market. Optegy can work with you to assess, advise, and ensure that you are using products that meet both your environmental goals and business needs.

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