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Optegy Energy Services

Welcome to Optegy

Optegy is Asia's leading independent energy solutions provider. We develop energy management and building automation solutions for corporate and public sector clients throughout Asia Pacific. Our projects span from Japan to Indonesia.

Managing energy efficiently and minimizing energy costs are key priorities for facility owners and operators. Optegy uses a combination of knowledge and technology to tailor a unique solution to meet each client's infrastructure and business requirements.

Energy services solutions range from simple validation to detailed turn-key projects including assessing existing facility infrastructure, developing strategies for change, training technical staff, supplying in-house energy specialists, performance contracting, commissioning, designing or reviewing electrical and mechanical plans for new facilities to ensure that the design is a lowest whole-of-life cost, developing technical specifications and managing or assisting in the tender process.

There is no one correct solution that fits for all facilities – we advocate a focused approach to every facility – the works may include technology step changes, operational modifications, or the optimizing of the existing infrastructure. Benchmarking is good, however we believe that the optimum solution is to make the facility as efficient as it can be, irrespective of the benchmark.

Intelligent automation is increasingly a key element in gaining operating today's facilities efficiently. Optegy exploits the capability of a facility's automation system to give owners and managers maximum benefit from their existing building automation investment.

We are delivering significant savings to hotels, hospitals, universities, banks, shopping malls, office buildings and industrial facilities.

The business case for “demand-side management” of energy is truly triple bottom line-driven, with each of the three elements — the financial, environmental and social effects — playing equally important parts.

Documented energy savings that are validated by a formal “measurement and verification” process allow organisations to quantify their greenhouse reduction activities, whilst demonstrating corporate social responsibilities.

Our business is all about energy management which delivers cost savings and promotes environmental leadership.

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