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Software for Energy Management

Effective energy management requires measurement, verification and modelling.  Optegy is the Asia-Pacific supplier, for the Metrix™ and MarketManager™ energy management software tools.  These products have been developed by practicing energy managers and are widely used around the world.

Utility Cost and Performance Tracking

Metrix™ is a comprehensive integrated energy tracking and management tool.  Using the data from your utility meters and energy bills Metrix

  • Verify Cost Savings
    Verify the performance of your energy conservation measures. Are you getting the savings you expect after correcting for weather and other variables? Use historic utility data to establish a "baseline". Compare the baseline to post-installation readings from meters, sub-meters, and/or monitoring systems.

  • Compare Alternative Pricing Plans
    Use Metrix™ to compare utility costs under different pricing schedules for specific usage profiles.  Metrix
    easily calculates the impact of different time-of-day or alternate utility tariffs on your operations. 

  • Track Utility Performance
    Identify potential problem areas, reduce utility cost overruns, and prioritise your facility management resources.

  • Communicate the Results
    Metrix™ enables you to clearly communicate your results to different audiences - from energy engineers to financial decision makers. Concise reports and graphics are available for each stage of your project - set-up and baseline tuning, bill validation, tracking and savings verification, price comparisons, facility ranking and summary.

  • Try a free evaluation copy!
    To test drive a full version of Metrix™ email us at:  info@optegy.com

Energy Modelling & Planning

Use MarketManager™ to run a complete building analysis,  evaluate the proposed impacts of proposed energy performance measures or calculate the running costs of any piece of equipment.

  • Facility Types
    Model almost any type of residential, commercial, or industrial facility in MarketManager™. Buildings can have up to 255 zones of up to 9,999,999 sqft/zone. Standard use profiles are provided for over 30 facility types, including universities, hotels, hospitals, offices, industrial and retail.

  • Pre-Defined Projects & Libraries
    Use one of MarketManager's 11 pre-defined templates, or create your own templates specific to your business plan or local environment. The libraries include hundreds of appliances, lighting systems, HVAC equipment, building materials, and other data.  Each piece of equipment can be precisely modelled with hourly operating schedules varying daily, weekly, and monthly. For a simple analysis, standard operating schedules are provided.

  • Scenarios
    Compare multiple "what if" scenarios - replace existing lighting with more efficient fixtures, compare electric and gas-fired equipment, or compare standard and incentive rate schedules.

  • Energy Simulation
    Accurately evaluate the cost impacts of proposed changes, including demand charges, load factors, ratchets, time-of-use variation, and other credits and adjustments. Standard ASHRAE algorithms are used in heating and cooling load calculations for local weather conditions. The part-load performance characteristics of all heating and cooling equipment are included. 

  • Loads
    MarketManager™ automatically calculates zone and system heating and cooling loads, breaking them down category by category.

  • Analysis & Diagnostics
    MarketManager™ can break out energy usage and costs into different end usages. The diagnostic feature lets you zoom in on calculations at every stage.

  • Try a free evaluation copy!
    To test drive a full version of MarketManager™ email us at: info@optegy.com

Metrix™ and MarketManager™ are developed and supported by Abraxas Energy.

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